Virtureal cycling for everyone!

PraxCloud makes virtual cycling available for everyone. You can cycle through beautiful landscapes all over the world! Consider selecting Praxcloud for the following advantages: 

  • Praxcloud motivates you to stay active;
  • Compatible with all pedal-equipped equipment;
  • Suitable for both healthcare facilities and individuals;
  • No need for costly investments, just a simple license fee;
  • Offers both Hybrid (Offline) and Streaming (Online) options.

Experience beautiful environments

Discover our extensive library with more than 400 films and let yourself be inspired to move in the beautiful surroundings.

  • Included: 50 films, online support, regular software updates and 10 additional films annually.

Praxcloud offers three exercise concepts

Easy installation


Anywhere on any trainer

From home, institution or public space on any (bicycle) trainer.

Easy installation

Via Hybrid or Streaming variant with Android Tablet, Computer or TV Box.

Extensive library

Over 400 films available. Included 50 High Quality route movies.

Only one licence fee

No hardware investment but only a licence fee.